Playology Squeaky Chew Ball Chicken Medium

  • Playology Quietschender Kauball für große Hunde (5 kg und mehr)
  • Ansprechendes natürliches Hundespielzeug mit Hühnchenduft
  • Schwimmfähig für Wasserspiele
  • Verkapselte Technologie für längeren Duftgenuss
  • Leicht zu reinigen, ohne den Duft zu verlieren
  • Erfüllt Sicherheitsstandards für Kinderspielzeug
  • Natürliche und sichere Düfte, ohne Chemikalien
  • Geeignet für Hunde ab 8 kg
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Art.Nr.: 1405077 Playology Squeaky Chew Ball for large dogs (5 kg and above) – Dog chew ball for power chewers – Appealing natural dog ball with chicken scent chew toy – Non-toxic materials UPGRADE FROM THE OLD CLASSIC: Get to know the Squeaky Chew Ball from Playology, the perfect toy for the heaviest chewers of all ages. With a fun squeak and an enticing natural chicken scent thanks to our Encapsiscent technology, this is the toy your dog has been waiting for. It is also built to float, making it great not only for the garden or park but also for water play in a pool, pond, lake, or beach. The Medium/Large size is ideal for dogs weighing 8 kg or more.ENCAPSULATING TECHNOLOGY: A dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than that of a human, and they experience the world through smells, so we create toys with the natural scents they love. Tiny scent particles are embedded in our toy at a microscopic level. When your dog chews, the scent is released for their enjoyment, but not enough for your human nose to detect. And because they are embedded directly into the material, your dog will enjoy our toy 7 times longer than a toy without scent.EASY TO CLEAN: Dirt and sand that adhere to the surface of a toy can wear down your puppy’s teeth, so we make all Playology toys easy to clean. Additionally, our encapsulation technology ensures that you don’t wash away the natural scent they love. Simply rinse with warm water and pat dry to clean.HUMAN-TESTED, DOG-APPROVED: All Playology toys are tested to meet ASTM guidelines for the safety of children’s toys and CPSIA standards for lead, phthalates, and other classified as hazardous toxins. Furthermore, our scents are completely natural. We take derivatives of the actual food and encapsulate them throughout the toy. All the joy of scent without chemicals or unwanted calories. Distributor Manufacturer number Analytical components Composition ❤️  Tierbedarf OnlineShop - Kleintierbedarf Onlineshop - Tierwelt - Ratgeber - Magazin
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