Biokat’s Classic 3in1 Katzenstreu

  • Hochwertiges Katzenstreu für alle Katzen
  • Klumpstreu mit drei unterschiedlichen Korngrößen
  • Große Körner für Saugfähigkeit und Geruchsbindung
  • Mittlere Körner für feste Klumpenbildung
  • Kleine Körner für erhöhte Ergiebigkeit
  • Kein Streuaustragen durch nicht haftende Körner an den Pfoten
  • Bessere Geruchsbindung, festere Klumpen, lange Reichweite
  • Bis zu 32 Tage ergiebig und geruchslos
  • Hergestellt in Deutschland
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Biokat’s Classic 3in1 is a highly clumping cat litter composed of three different grain sizes. This unique litter combination supports faster odor control, improves clump stability, and increases efficiency.
Biokat’s Classic clumping litter combines large, medium, and small granules. The large granules have large pores, which absorb liquids and odors like a sponge. The medium-sized granules form strong clumps because they are the perfect size to fill the gaps between the large and small granules. The small granules increase efficiency because they spread throughout the litter, enhancing the performance of the medium and large granules.
Biokat’s Classic 3in1 has an additional advantage: due to its special grain size, it does not stick to your pet’s paws, preventing litter from being spread outside the litter box. The cat litter consists of 100% natural clay and comes from controlled and ecologically sustainable mining quarries in Germany.
Here’s why Biokat’s Classic 3in1 is convincing:

High-quality cat litter for all cats

Clumping litter with three different grain sizes:

Large granules with extra-large pores provide exceptional absorbency and faster odor control

Medium-sized granules have the ideal size to fill the gaps between the large and small granules, forming extra-strong clumps

Small granules increase efficiency as they spread perfectly throughout the litter

High comfort and hygiene: no litter being carried out of the litter box, as the granules do not stick to your pet’s paws

Ideal handling & hygiene: better odor control, stronger clumps, longer-lasting

Extraordinary efficiency: up to 32 days

Odorless: gives freshness and hygiene to the litter box without a strong scent

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